Lacey - Frenchys Beauty Burbank



I would say cutting is my specialty. In school, I was a fearless cutter while everyone else seemed worried. I could not wait to cut because it seemed like second nature to me. I have picked up techniques, but most of my craft is self-taught. When I cut, I seem to go into a zone, not thinking about what my hands are doing. It’s very Zen to me, like painting on a canvas where I just know how I want it to look when I am done. It is definitely my art. I have a different perspective on hair…..I don’t believe in fighting nature, because nature always wins. Low maintenance is my middle name, and giving someone an easy upkeep style is my game. Many of my clients come to me for personal guidance. I always have caring ears for people, helping them through any situation. I love being their spiritual therapist, and I won’t lie, this IS my favorite part of my job.

I went to a very average school in Glendale, but while most of my peers dropped out or lost their love for hair, mine grew deeper. I was hungry for education and after school; I took as many classes as I could. I wanted to see how people did hair all over the world. I wanted to specialize in cuts for all hair types. I took classes for curly hair, Asian, ethnic, and classes for fine hair cutting. I watched teachers who spoke no English, but perfectly demonstrated their techniques. Cutting is an art form and I wanted to learn from the masters.

I have been an intuitive person since I was a child, and I have nurtured that gift by taking numerous classes in the disciplines of new age, spiritual and the metaphysical. This has earned me the reputation in the past from some of my clients as their “psychic hairdresser.” I also have a perfume line inspired by all things Victorian and Macabre. Perfumes have always been a passion of mine and getting to create my own line was an amazing experience. The line has since exploded in popularity and is carried in stores across the world. You can find it on Instagram at @seanceperfumes or I am also raising my child Meadow Moon (or she is raising me!) and becoming a mother has been the most amazing journey I have taken.

It was a path I could not avoid. I wanted to be a psychic, a geologist, a therapist, an entomologist, an astrologist, a writer, a playwright, a zoologist, a criminologist, a business owner, and I wanted to travel, but I always went back to hair. This was my path, and some things just cannot be avoided. WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOU ARE NOT DOING HAIR?Hanging out with my husband Justin and our amazing daughter Meadow. She is the light of our lives and every day is an exciting adventure. I spend most of my free time in my garden gardening.  Aside from that, My hobby is science. I have a huge entomology collection (taxidermies of bugs), as well as oddities (strange antiques or natural history relics.) I am also an arts and crafts person. I take up stamp making, print making, painting, calligraphy, jewelry making, and whatever else is new and interesting to me in my free time. Running my perfume business is another full time job.

I love AVEDA. I knew that someday when I owned my own business I wanted to carry a line that I believed in. AVEDA’S mission statement says it all; “Our mission at Aveda is to care for the world we live in, from the products we make to the ways in which we give back to society. At Aveda, we strive to set an example for environmental leadership and responsibility, not just in the word of beauty, but around the world. “ I wanted to carry a line that was not full of chemicals and toxins for our bodies. It is a plus that their products are also amazing. One of my absolute favorites is their ‘Be Curly’ line. I am a curly haired gal, so their ‘Be Curly’ line is what keeps my curly hair from frizzing and having a mind of its own (more so than it already does).

I am the “psychic hairdresser” and have turned down offers from several producers who wanted to put my mug on a reality TV show. I am a mother and a business owner and that in itself is a task!!.

When I started at this salon when I was 20, I was the youngest stylist, but I always had the gut feeling that someday it would be mine. I knew that someday I would build a culture and a salon that fit the ideas in my head… Edgy and cool, and at the same time, loving and warm. We are all artists with a mission to give care and kindness to every individual who walks through our door. I have never seen people as dollar signs, but always as human beings with individual desires and needs. People just want to be seen and feel like they are heard, and they want a place where they can be themselves and be accepted and feel glamorous. I take pride in our clients, they are all wonderful people that we are blessed to know and spend time with. At Frenchy’s we supply an environment that showcases art, music,and individuality. Frenchy’s is a club with many members. TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT YOURSELF THAT NO ONE KNOWS.I developed my fascination with bugs because as a child I was terrified of them. I had massive curly hair and would constantly have bugs fly into it and get trapped. It traumatized me. To overcome this fear I eventually started learning as much as I could about them. This turned into fascination and in turn a love.

I hope that some day I am fortunate enough to make huge positive impacts on people (especially my child.). With gratitude, kindness, compassion and being non judgmental I believe we can make a difference in our lives and the lives of others.